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About Us

A passionate team of freelancers, united on a common platform and covering a great breadth of competencies.

‘Because if you had just landed on Earth with the singular mission of creating the most effective workforce possible, you would start by discarding the infrastructure that we have today. Earthling organisations, with their endless skills, specialisms, connectivity and digital resources are no longer suited to systems that were conceived at the dawn of civilisation.’

Adam Breen, Founder, June 2021

Who We Are was founded on the simple logic that when people are allowed to focus on what they do well, without distraction and with the appropriate resources; the organisations and environments to which they belong become stronger, more cohesive and more productive.

We are a team of freelancers, bringing skills at many levels that correspond to our ‘elements’ – Finance, Legal, CSR, Marketing, IT, Operations, HR and Management . See more details on the scope of the services available.

Our clients are businesses and organisations with interests in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie regions of France. Our freelancers are individuals based in exactly the same area.

Clients come to us to respond to a specific need and our relationship with them is intended to be long-lasting and collaborative. By fully understanding our clients and by working on a common platform, we can provide a range of services under one online ‘roof’ – enabling us to respond to changing needs as seasons and organisations evolve.

If you would like to know more about working with as a client or as a freelancer, please contact us.

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to build what we call performance ecosystems – environments where organisations and talent can interact and prosper, creating a modern, interdependent and sustainable workplace for our community.

Our ecosystem is based on 3 ‘pillars’ – Freedom of Opportunity, Business Responsibility and Collective Performance.

Freedom of Opportunity

What matters to us is making opportunities available to businesses and individuals whether they are clients or freelancers. Some of these entities are desperate to grow, to learn more, do more, help more, make more. Others strive to stay still – enjoying what they have created and striking that all-important balance between work and play, or to pause and consider their next move.

Entities sometimes have an opportunity but lack the short-term skills to take it, others have a longer term gap to fill and some don’t get the opportunity at all. We want to solve all of these constraints, allowing business owners, employees and freelancers alike to do what they do best, at a pace that suits them. What people look like, their background, what they believe, or what they do in their free time has no bearing.

Business Responsibility

At, every freelancer has a responsibility to work, behave and deliver for the common good. Trust and professionalism are our watchwords, confidentiality and discretion are sacred and breaches of these are never tolerated.

Organisations large and small have a duty to those around them, and to the environment that we share. will always stand for and promote the sustainable option – nurturing and healing our planet whilst safeguarding our organisations for future generations.

Collective Performance

Our network is our greatest strength. We believe passionately in empowering people to focus on their talents and put faith in their ability to contribute and perform at their best, whether they are our clients or our freelancers. Our network provides an environment in which people and organisations can thrive – one where many people work on their own, but never alone. Engagement with our communities is vital, which is why is built around a regional hub, and not simply ‘online, everywhere’. Understanding and supporting local activity means that we are symbiotically engaged with the societies that we serve in a way that adds value for all.

How We Work

The platform facilitates matches between skills, and skills requirements whilst providing a digital workspace to ensure efficient collaboration. Our clients choose from the list of services that are proposed by a multitude of freelancers and are free to select the freelancer that they work with based on their present needs.

Work is delivered on the platform – tracking time and billables, as well as providing a space for document sharing, video conferencing and a range of collaborative tools to boost productivity, creativity and efficiency.

Freelancer time is charged by the hour or by the day, (and sometimes by the project) and is set by the individual freelancer at the outset of work. Bills are sent monthly, along with a short review request that provides us with vital feedback that we use to continually improve our services.

As organisational needs evolve, so does the client’s relationship with A new project, an internal hire or a change of strategic focus are all examples of how client requirements can change. is designed to follow suit – ensuring that the right skills are available to respond as objectives evolve.

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