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Businesses and organisations with interests in the Savoie and Haute Savoie departements of France.

Our Clients clients are based in, or have interests in the Savoie and Haute Savoie departements of France. Nobody is excluded but our clients are typically startups and small-to-medium sized businesses. They come to us to fill the gaps in their resources or experience, and whilst many tasks are short or project based, we strive to create long-term relationships via our multitude of services as our clients’ organisational needs evolve.

Having run businesses and organisations ourselves for many years, we know that resource gaps are sometimes filled by whoever has a bit of spare time in our organisation, not filled at all, or outsourced to dispersed providers. clients have a single point of contact with an organisation that is synonymous with the mountain community and provides a multitude of relevant services, all on a single platform. The platform makes finding resources easy, whether for existing operations, reviews, projects or ongoing work. It also ensures efficient collaboration – providing document sharing facilities, common working methods, video conferencing and simple, transparent billing – all at rates that compare well with the alternatives.

The solution means that managers can concentrate on doing what they do best – no more DIY approach to unfamiliar tasks or administering multiple lines of communication with multiple outsourced solutions. Managers are free to manage – inspiring and leading their organisations in the way that only they can.

To learn more about what can do for your organisation or to request a specific service, just contact us.

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Example Clients – Savoie/Haute-Savoie

Probably the best example of an client is, well… To the fullest extent possible, everything about has been written, designed, planned, executed and administrated by our freelancers. Insurance, legal and accounting is done by our partners and every resource has been found via our network. We are living proof of our ‘performance ecosystem’ in action – splicing niche skills together to produce an organisation that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Fictional example : The Tour Operator, Savoie and Haute-Savoie

This succesful Tour Operator is owned and operated by a non-French company under a French subsidiary. It provides accommodation and services in the French Alps, primarily in the winter months and as such, has a highly seasonal business model. It uses for buying and contracts mangement, as well as social media content creation, translation services and French administration. They also have occasional need for IT support and run an annual business health-check to evaluate compliance and strategic direction. The Tour Operator also uses the platform as a convenient way to exchange information and plan work with its partners in the region.

Fictional example : The Builder, Abondance, Haute-Savoie

The builder runs a small team of workers, specialising in carpentry and renovation in the Abondance Valley. They prefer to spend their time and energy on site or with their clients so they use for financial administration, business administration and payroll. The builder also recommends CSR freelancers to both private and business clients who are looking to develop their premises in an environmentally responsible way.

Fictional example : The Restauranteur, La Rosiere, Savoie

The restauranteur runs three bar/restaurants in the Savoie and specialises in local and organic produce. As well as using to keep each venue’s website working effectively, they use our IT support to monitor and update their till/stock systems and administrative services for both accounts administration and recruitment campaigns.

Fictional example : The Freelancer, Chamonix, Haute-Savoie

The freelancer is both an client and freelancer. They gain much of their work via the platform but they also use other freelancers on the platform to do their administration and to provide executive support. When they have IT issues they have fast access to solutions and when they have too much work, they can find appropriately qualified freelancers to relieve the pressure.

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