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Freelancer Packages

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Choose from three options designed for Occasional, Regular and Substantial work on the platform. You can change your package at any time.

Most users start on the Occasional option with no subscription, meaning no fees if you do not accept any work via the platform.

  • Occasional

    12% Commission Rate
    monthly subscription
    • Profile and portfolio on database
    • email address*
    • Profile and portfolio on website
    • time tracking*
    • Billing and administration by
    • project management solution*
    • Google workspace on*
    • 1% Referral fee for Clients brought to**
  • popular


    8% Commission Rate
    monthly subscription
    • All Occasional level benefits
    • Full platform tools and resources
    • stationery/merch
    • Preferred freelancer status
  • Substantial

    4% Commission Rate
    monthly subscription
    • All Regular level benefits
    • Priority access to network/events

* On the Occasional package, these are only available when projects are in progress.
** Refer a client to and receive 1% of all revenue that this client generates

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