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The Elements of Business

The eight ‘elements’ that we work under are subdivided into many layers. See the elements below along with a range of examples of the services that apply to each.

Items marked with an asterisk (‘*’) are regulated activities and require that we work with a partner organisation.


Environmental sustainability, balanced scorecard, social/environmental audit, business carbon analysis.


Social media account management, graphic design, content marketing, copywriting, SEO/SEA, marketing strategy, market research, promotions or campaign management.


IT support, web design and audit, data systems management, coding, ecommerce, integrated content management.


Operational administration, translation services, procurement, transport management, reservations management, sales channel management, operational audit, property audit, property rating*.


Recruitment, employment contract management, policies and charters, HR dispute resolution, training.


Executive assistance, business health-check, business analysis and development, KPI management, strategic planning.


Accounts administration, payroll, accounts management, accounts preparation*, financial modelling, financial advice, business sale/acquisition, chartered accountancy*.


Company administration, insurance*, contract management, general law*

Items marked with an asterisk (‘*’) are regulated activities and require that we work with a partner organisation.

What People Are Saying About Us

" I love the idea of having a centralised support solution for non-core, but nonetheless essential services "
" Great idea for companies that have downsized due to the pandemic and are now used to remote working - we will never have office staff again in the way we used to have them "
" When they have trust and things are fluid - we don't ask any more questions and they become like salaried employees and it all works out fine. And sometimes they need to just speak to other experts without the boss complicating things. "

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