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One eye on winter…

19 September 2023 – Adam Breen
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Whatever you do here in the Pays de Savoie you can’t escape the seasonality of the mountains. As summer gives way to autumn, the children go back to school and wood stoves are lit for the first time in months, the mood changes and everyone has an eye on the coming winter.

Winter represents a deadline for many of us by which projects must be completed, plans laid and resources put in place for the arrival of the snow, and with it a huge peak of activity all across our region. helps businesses to control this peak by placing the skills that they need at their fingertips, right when they need them. Business managers and owners can confidently use our one-stop platform to take care of the tasks that are a drain on their time or resources without losing all-important oversight.

So, as your business packs away its flipflops and changes gear for winter, why not tell our community how it can help?’ Post a Brief feature allows you to tell us what you need in one, simple form and we’ll do the rest, sending you skilled, available options that can respond to your short-term or regular needs. Click the button below to give it an obligation-free go:

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