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Spotlight on: ACCOUNTING

10 March 2023 – Adam Breen
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Often the cause of an annual episode of head-scratching, ‘Accounting’ covers a whole load of areas, but fortunately so too does

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So, whether it’s entering your receipts, issuing invoices, figuring out which parts of your business are performing well (and which are holding you back) or getting ready for your year-end, has the talent that you need.

Many parts of both administering and interpreting your finances can be taken off your desk (but not out of your control) easily by using freelance support. You should note that things like accounts submissions do need to be done via state-approved organisations, but we can help with that too. Modern accounting systems and the platform mean that managing outsourced accounting solutions has never been easier, leaving you to focus on the areas of your business that you want to.

The surprising thing for some of might be that many people want to spend their time looking at a spreadsheet, or an accounting package, or a big pile of receipts… These people can be found on They love sorting through a tax conundrum, organising things into nice accounting packages like Xero, Quickbooks*, Sage and EBP, and figuring out which column that train-station cappuccino belongs in.

It’s not limited to data entry and accounting software either. Once you have done all of that hard work (or outsourced it ;)), you might as well get the benefit of knowing what it means for you – getting a valuable snapshot of where your business is at, rather than staring at a confusing list of numbers and jargon. It’s hugely useful for figuring out where the value is in your business, should you want to be more sure of its viability, identify weak areas, sell it or better exploit it in the future.

But whether it’s popping a few receipts into Excel or figuring out the financial implications of a big move, accounting support needs to be support that you can trust. Our freelancers all adhere to our charter, ensuring the utmost professionalism and, erm… accountability.

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