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‘The Brief’

19 November 2022 – Adam Breen
Categories: Briefs, Community

Today we’re talking about project management and the Brief. 

When work (a.k.a. jobs, missions, tasks….) come in from the community, a Brief is created in the project management system. The Brief forms the foundation of the collaboration between freelancer client and serves several purposes: 

  • Clarity. Everybody knows what the work is, what is expected, how much it will cost and when it will be reviewed or completed.
  • Accountability. Changes to the Brief (and who made them) are recorded and time-stamped. 
  • Visibility. Time tracking and new subtasks can be created and documents shared via the Brief , giving everyone full visibility. 
  • Service. Briefs allow a client’s needs to be shared with chosen freelancers in the shortest possible time. 

Depending on how the work comes in, the Brief may have been completed for you or you might be asked to create or contribute to it. It’s simple but a good Brief is a vital foundation upon which a solid working relationship can be built. 

Briefs are created by:..

…meaning that from the word go, everyone is on the same page. 

Comments, feedback? We’d love to hear it. Contact us.

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A good Brief is the foundation of a great collaboration

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