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Freelancer packages – changes and choices

21 April 2023 – Adam Breen
Categories: Community, News, Tools and resources

Here at HQ we are constantly tweaking our platform to ensure the best possible service and resources for our community. Recently we made a couple of changes to our Freelancer Packages, primarily to give access to our project management solution to all active freelancers on the platform.

Similarly, we have decided to give a dedicated email address and Google Workspace access to all subscribed freelancers (see below, subscribers are regular workers who pay a monthly fee in return for extra tools and a reduced commission rate) and removed this from the commission-only packages.

Freelancer packages are detailed on this page of our website but put simply, new freelancers tend to go for the ‘Occasional’ package with no financial obligations and a simple 12% commission rate for all work accepted via the platform. It comes with access to the standard platform tools and resources including billing and administration, a personal online profile and referral commissions for work that is brought to the community.

For those that are working more regularly, need access to extra tools and resources or simply want to integrate further into the community, subscriptions are available. Importantly, these also reduce the commission rate which is important once a freelancer’s monthly workload starts to increase.

Freelancer packages as at 21/4/23. Subject to change.
Freelancer packages as at 21/4/23. Subject to change. Click for more information.

Our philosophy is that freelancers that are active on the platform understand our community and are as busy as they want to be. This means that new freelancers that do not understand our community or that duplicate skills that are already available are not always made live on the platform immediately. Clients come to because they can find freelancers that understand their unique operating environment. Freelancers come to to secure a quantity of work, rather than to be watered down in a sea of freelancers that offer similar services.

Getting this balance right is an ongoing juggling act but we see it as being one of the fundamentals of running a platform. Comments and feedback are always welcome via your client or freelancer area!

Until next time…

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