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Freelance in the French Alps? Join the collective!

30 September 2022 – Adam Breen
Categories: Community, Tools and resources is the freelance platform dedicated to the French Alps.

Each freelancer on the platform is autonomous and independent* and each has a specific set of skills that they make available for our clients. Between them, the range of services that are available is always growing, but each individual freelancer is focused on the unique capabilities that only they can bring to the platform. believes strongly in the value of community and wherever possible, our freelancers live and work in the Savoie and Haute Savoie regions of France. This not only means that they are physically available for their clients should the need arise, but also that they understand what it means to be here in the mountains, the cultures, conditions and constraints. If you tell an freelancer that there was 40cm of snow outside your front door this morning, they know exactly how that will impact your day.

Freelancers are committed to our values and are subscribed to our charter – the common set of principles that guide us with regard to our professional responsibilities, as well as our responsibilities to our community and environment.

In order to use the network and resources that the platform provides, freelancers choose to pay a commission, or a combination of a subscription + smaller commission to handles time tracking, invoicing and ensures that the platform is working in the interest of all parties – clients and freelancers alike – generating matches between skills and skills requirements in order to provide all parties with exactly what they need.

In addition to the above, freelancers that bring clients to the platform (thus creating work potential for other freelancers and contributing to the overall network) are appropriately incentivised to do so whilst having their interests protected.

If you are interested in becoming an freelancer or would like more information, please sign up or contact us.

*exceptions apply for some regulated or niche services.

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