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20 April 2023 – Adam Breen
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It’s a bit like taking your car for a service, except that our diagnostic is FREE.

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Few businesses are held back by the things that they are doing well. Ski schools seldom have a wobble because their short turns were not good enough and when the wheels fall off a transfer company, it is most likely to be in the figurative sense (we hope!).

But where can your business reduce friction and more importantly, what do you, the manager of that business need to ensure your own wellbeing as well the continued success of your organisation?

The business healthcheck is a chat with founder Adam Breen – local business owner and mentor, Executive MBA and alpine fanatic. At some point, he is probably going to tell you about some of the freelancers that could be useful to you, but the purpose of the healthcheck is to give you the benefit of a new perspective.

Choose from a 15, 30 or 60 minute online meeting* to fit your needs with ZERO obligation (apart from to turn up – nobody likes being stood up 😉 ).

Whatever stage your business is at and however well identified your needs are (or aren’t), book your slot using the calendar tool above and we’ll give you a birds-eye view of your day-to-day, free.

*Available until 23/7/23.

Healthchecks are 100% confidential and a nondisclusure agreement is available if required.

Business healthcheck

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