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Why go local?

5 May 2023 – Adam Breen
Categories: Community

We hear a lot these days about buying local products – how locally grown, made or designed has practical, environmental and symbolic value that go beyond the price tag, but what about for services?

why go local was established on the principle that going local is better for freelancer services too. Look no further than our community here in the Pays de Savoie – it is so unique, not only in terms of its geography and climate, but in terms of its society, seasonality and culture too.

That’s why local is so important. Businesses here work under different constraints, have unique values and embrace opportunities that simply don’t exist elsewhere. Of course, many fundamentals of running these businesses are commonly held, but it is the mix that is so idiosyncratic.

So why would a business choose a local freelancer, and why would a freelancer want to work with a local business? It’s all about understanding and community.

Understanding this environment not only means that you get its jargon, but you also get why Monday might be a day off, or why everyone seems a little less available at the end of November. You get why things that seem urgent can wait and things that can wait are suddenly urgent. You know what white gold is, plus how it can be good and bad news at the same time.

Our alpine community is equally important to what we have dubbed the Performance Ecosystem. We share the mutual strength of this ecosystem where minds meet and ideas exchange. Any meeting point enables the chance conversation or a little link to be made that unlocks our problem, and engineers these opportunities via its platform. Entities that are unknown to one another have an augmented channel through which to connect and find mutual benefit, for the benefit of all.

Finally, whether it’s a product or a service, local simply feels nice. Knowing that what you have bought or created will leave a trace in your community makes you contributor to that community. It binds you to the industry and energy of the place that you call home and makes it even more home-ly.

What do you think locals? Comments, feedback, local experiences? We’d love to hear it. Contact us.

Image (above, adapted) from Freepik

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