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Getting the Green Light

17 February 2023 – Adam Breen
Categories: Community, Tools and resources

It’s always the same when freelancer and client engage for the first time. Establishing the work to be done, building rapport and developing a genuine understanding of the client organisation all take a little time. But when is it OK to get down to work?

green light SQ

Luckily, The Brief – a tool generated by solves all of the above, but in particular, the question of the Green Light.

Briefs have statuses used to track progress and keep client/freelancer informed and aligned. The first two statuses are ‘PREPARATION’ and ‘IN PROGRESS’. By default, briefs start with the ‘PREPARATION’ status. Once the talking is done and the work has been agreed, it is best if the client changes the status to IN PROGRESS. It is sometimes the only interaction that the client needs to have with the brief (it depends a lot on the type of brief) but it shows that they are satisfied that all is agreed and that the work can start.

image 9

What’s more, this interaction with the brief is recorded, time stamped and attributed to the client. That means that everyone concerned can see when the Green Light was given, and by whom.

Incidentally, it is not just status changes that are recorded in the Brief. Client and Freelancer can message one another, share documents, record time, new instructions, rate and deadline changes and much more. For more on how The Brief is the perfect tool for serene freelancer><client interactions, see this fuller post dedicated to The Brief

Have a great day!

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