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When is the work ‘done’?

22 March 2023 – Adam Breen
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It seems like a silly question but it is one that nags freelancers as they hover over the ‘submit’ button on their latest project.

Savoie freelancer finishing work

Of course the work is done. But is it done? What will the client think? Will the work meet their expectations or have these expectations changed during the project? Will the client like what has been produced or will they have comments and require amendments, and if so, when will they want them by and can the bill still be submitted? Also, do these amendments constitute part of this job, or a completely new one? Oh, and can the time that was spent spend adding in that extra feature because it seemed like the right thing to do be billed? And, and, and….

So ‘done’ isnt so simple after all.

At, our work management system makes ‘done’ a whole load easier to define. It starts with a clear description of the work that creates a brief for you and creates a shared space online where users can log time, alter deadlines, communicate and share information with your client / freelancer [delete as applicable ;)].

As the project evolves, so does the brief, recording modifications (and who made them) in the shared space to ensure perfect visibility for all concerned, and seamless collaboration between the client’s internal teams and their freelance support.

So when the work is done, it’s done and everybody is clear.

For more on the brief, see this post. To join as a client or freelancer, click the button below:

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