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Press conference by France Montagnes – Summer in the mountains

30 March 2023 – Adam Breen
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france montagnes

Our thanks go to François Gaillard – Director of France Montagnes and to each of the representatives from the various ‘massifs’ – the mountainous regions of France. We spent some time together this morning hearing about their work and plans to make summer 2023 a truly inspirational experience for their visitors. 

Although our attention was particularly on the Pays de Savoie region that we call home, it was thought-provoking to hear from other massifs with their unique situations and diverse propositions. Whilst the Pays de Savoie remains the number 1 outdoor destination in the world, France’s other massifs have a huge amount to offer, a character of their own and a clear willingness to share their ideas and initiatives. 

In addition to the almost endless list of activities discussed, we were impressed to see a focus on subjects like flexibility, youth and sustainability. Summer in the Alps is more popular than ever according to France Montagnes and the massifs clearly have a year-round focus with some areas now busier in summer than they are in winter. Embracing the future, educating and welcoming the next generation whilst ensuring that the Alpine environment remains unpolluted were recurring themes.

Seasonality is an unavoidable topic, and therefore it is at the front of the minds of almost all decision makers in the mountains. The peaks, troughs, changing nature of the work to be done and the challenges to be overcome are one of the reasons why our clients choose to cover specific or short-term needs. 

What we learned today is that long-term strategies are also changing. The mountains need to work hard to adapt to a changing market, the effects of climate change and a greater than ever observed need to disconnect from the buzz of urban life. Many of the speakers were working to embrace a longer summer and a shorter winter, to find new uses for their facilities and to fully own their environmental responsibility. 

Of course we see in this a validation of our ‘Performance Ecosystem’ concept, a community-driven space where participants interact to respond to short-term or strategic needs and take the initiative in a changing world. 

We are interested in your thoughts on how to adapt this ecosystem to become an even more pertinent resource in this ever-evolving environment. Let us know your thoughts? 

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