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30 June 2023 – Adam Breen
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The idea of working with, or as a freelancer can sometimes create a little anxiety. In spite of more and more people choosing to work independently (over 300,000 are predicted to add themselves to the 600,000+ freelancer workers in France by 2030*) it still makes some people feel uneasy.

This is why many businesses choose to do it themselves or to work with a friend, neither of which always brings the exact skills required to the table. We effectively trade quality for familiarity.’ Performance Ecosystem eases concerns on both sides of the business-freelancer collaboration. It provides a banner under which tools, values and standards can be agreed and creates understanding via carefully considered terms of work. This means that participants can engage with one another in full confidnece and have full visibility over the work done and deliverables.

Our simple project management tool means that whenever confidence might wane, checking in on project progress and feedback is only a click or two away. The client decides who has visibility on a project, and the freelancer(s) are able to collaborate efficiently and to focus on their role.

What about the money? Lest we forget, this is a transaction: skills for money. By handling this transaction, ensures that businesses get the final sign-off on work and that nervous freelancers can request part or all of a payment to be held by the platform, ensuring that they are paid on time when the work is done. is about so much more than putting people in touch. It is like the a Google search for ‘holidays’ vs AirBnb – one is a simple directory, the other is an ecosystem where matches, interactions, transactions, reviews, recommendations, diversification and most of all, user confidence are served up in spades.

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* Report from Datastorm, 2021

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